How We Got Started

Pendulum Energy launched back in 1977 when we concentrated on the fledgling Television industry.

In those days, we developed several groundbreaking systems for the language dubbing industry, which simply did not exist at the time. Chief Design Engineer, Johan Theron, is still with us and continues to produce his brilliant designs – this time for the Energy Sector.

Our Products and Services

Smart Meters


Smart Billing


Smart Information


Bill Verification



Our Core Values

  • We are enthusiastic and excited about what we do. Helping you achieve success in your energy conservation efforts is what drives us. From the developers building superior products, to the customer service team providing outstanding support; from our in-house staff and to our external associates, we strive to deliver exceptional and consistent results to our clients and community.
  •  We choose to embrace positivity and optimism, despite the immense challenges that our country’s Energy Sector has faced and continues to face.
  • We take pride in our reputation. We acknowledge that we are entirely responsible for Pendulum Energy’s reputation and that the level of success we achieve, the reputation we cultivate, and the contributions we make to the Energy Industry are a direct reflection of our company and of ourselves.
  • We have high standards and guarantee that our work and support is always transparent, inclusive, authentic, generous and exceptional.
  • We strive to do work that is socially and environmentally conscious.